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This Gallery is dedicated to Manuel Morales, former Class 67 Alstom Warranty Engineer, whom became a good family friend whilst working at Canton Depot between September 2000 and August 2001. I shall miss our Friday night beer, curry and classic traction banter and Chloe will miss "Kipper" being read to her. Wishing you every success for the future and hope that we'll meet again sometime in the future.

Manuel was very comical and here are some of his classic pearls of wisdom:-

Quote, "It is very dangerous to stop a locomotive because they take parts off it".

Quote, "I've had a very tired week working twelve hours from Monday to Thursday at Barton Hill. 67016 has had an intermittent software fault and I hope it is now Ok". ( MGB, "It's working S09 tonight and leaving in another ten minutes"). "Ooh, I'd better leave my drink and go and see the driver in case he has any problems".

Scene:- MGB and Manuel drinking in the Prince of Wales outside Cardiff station. Travelling Post Office worker sits down at the same table and overhears our conversation regarding Class 67 locomotives. Manuel goes for a wee and Travelling Post Office Worker says to me, "Are you railway enthusiasts, I'm a TPO man and I am really pissed off because there was no heat the other night on S09 'cause they have to turn it off in the stations due to excess engine noise and there were braking problems another night and the train was severely delayed". Manuel returns to the table and MGB says to the TPO man, "Don't take it out on me, he's the Class 67 Warranty Engineer". The TPO man then goes into a rant with Manuel who doesn't quite understand what the guy is getting all excited about. <g>


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