1. Introduction - Film and Flatbed Scanners, and digital cameras have created an expanding market for image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. The original graphic designers software is fairly common place with photographers in all walks of life and many camera clubs, education centres and colleges provide training facilities for Photoshop software.

Everyone has their own views about the role of Photoshop in photography and mine is quite simple, I enjoy taking pictures but enjoy manipulating them even more. There is a skill in taking the picture that exhibits good, composition, technical execution and impact but there is a far more complex skill in learning Photoshop as those who have gone through years of grief and frustration will know. Quoting David Rowley, "Making Photoshop a pleasure instead of a challenge". I post my work onto the internet for others to enjoy and if they do, then its an added bonus.

2. Creative Portfolio - Take a look at this page of effects, which have been mostly created from the techniques covered within Section 3, Photoshop Tutorials.

3. Photoshop Tutorials - The following is a set of keystroke by keystroke tutorials that covers from the basic image editing skills that I use for publishing my work on to the internet, through to some very simple and stunning effects.

3.1 Basic Editing - Editing an image for publication onto the internet from a RAW image straight off the camera. 3.2 Black & White - Converting a colour image into a black and white effect using the 'Channel Mixer' technique.
3.3 Painting on Canvas - Converting a colour image into a painting on canvas effect. 3.4 Oil Painting - Converting a colour image into an oil painting effect.
3.5 Sepia Tone - Converting a colour image into a sepia toned effect. 3.6 Changing the Sky - Replacing a bland sky.
3.7 Watercolour - Converting a colour image into a watercolour effect. 3.8 Break Out - Breaking the image out of the frame.
3.9 Creating Snow - Finishes off a frosty or snow scene with a flurry of snow 3.10 Cloning Out Llangewydd Signalling Mast - Remove an unwanted signalling mast.
3.11 Sunset - Creating or improving a sunset picture. 3.12 Textured Painting Effect - Converting a colour image into a textured watercolour.
3.13 Colour / Black & White (Infra Red) Pencil Effect. 3.14 Colour / Black & White (Infra Red) Glowing Bas Relief