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I have restructured my website to reflect my present day interests. However, I do post regularly to the following Facebook groups,

Glory Days of Diesels, Class 37's, Class 60's, Type 1 & Type 2 Locomotives, UK Shunter Group, Stagecoach Bus Photography and News, Les Nez Cassés SNCF.

At the request of Amberley Publishing, I have compiled a book entitled 'Margam Depot', which is due to be published during November 2021. The book depicts just under two hundred pictures of locomotives at the depot and is a tribute to those that made it happen for me.

Front Page Picture... My fantasy snapping island of volcanos, sunsets, windmills, french and british locomotives and Volvo B10M buses.

Latest Pictures... My latest pictures from El Hierro in September 2021 can be viewed by clicking here.

Next Trip.... SNCF, Nevers, Tain l'Hermitage, Port la Nouvelle, Narbonne, Tours Saint Pierre and Paris in October 2021.

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